Qlik Sense: Data Analysis and Visualization using Map, Distribution, Waterfall and Combo Charts

In this dashboard, we imported 4 different datasets from 4 different local and online sources. Features: automated dashboard, DAX, Queries, relationships, and visualization.

An Excel and VBA based dashboard to review the BI sales performance in different dimensions along with the other reporting features.

This video is a sample of Power BI visualizations. Here, in Delta, we have experts to fulfill all your Power BI needs.


This tool enables you to transform an employee database into an Organization Chart for a selected employee.

The shipment data processing tool is used to do benchmarking study, CPP Analysis, Shipment cost reduction, Mode Analysis, Aggregation study and Spen/Weight/Mile Profile.

This tool segregates data and split it into multiple files based on the defined rules and create a separate file for each category/group with their names

Ready to use trackers

This tracker is used to capture and analyze the project or task wise time spent. It also generates the Client, project or month-wise reports.

This tracker is used to track your important tasks, with their Status, Priority, Timeline, etc., with its help you are least likely to miss anything.

This Gantt Chart is for monitoring and tracking the actual progress of project activities according to the plan. It is easy to use and it has a day-wise tracking system.

Advanced Analytics

This video is a sample of Python charts visualizations to find the problematic areas using region map charts, bar charts, and 3D Scatter graphs.

This video is a sample of SQL Server Queries to find the required data.

An automated tool to identify the data manipulation in the system and to identify the suspicious records based on a few adjustable criteria and analyze the occurrences.


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