Advanced Analytics

We perform autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data using cutting-edge technologies, typically beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI), to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

  1. New-age technologies in data/Text mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Matching, Data Modeling, Forecasting, Sentiment Analysis, Multivariate Statistics, Neural Networks, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Regression Analysis and Conjoint Analysis.
  2. Integration of Python, R, Power BI and other tools customized to your needs.

Reporting Automation, Process Optimization and an efficient QC template are the core requirements of an effective data processing and we have proven methods in place to carry out the same.


Dashboard Reporting

With a vast experience in reporting & Analytics, we have got what it takes to give some meaning to your data. We are an enthusiastic bunch of geeks, who love exploring new age visualization tools and assure you of the best practices and results across the industry. With us, you get:

  1. Advance dashboard reporting with highly user-friendly features over MS Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, MS Word, etc.
  2. We have proven methods in Reporting Automation and Process Optimization, the core requirements of an efficient data processing, and we follow it up with an effective Quality Check template
  3. Effective data visualizations using BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Qlik Sense, and many more. We’ll get what you’re looking for

Data Analysis and Insight Generation

Analysis and Insight generation is the heart of Delta Intelitech. We believe solutions for any business problem lies within its data itself. We have been providing insights for better decision making for years.

We excel in various levels of analytics, which includes

  1. Descriptive,
  2. Prescriptive,
  3. Predictive,
  4. Diagnostic and
  5. Statistical Analysis.

We can also provide statistical techniques to reform data with hierarchical, relational, qualitative data, compute variables, Recoding data, etc.


D. Data processing and Formatting

We are the wizards of spreadsheets; we love to play around datasets. Data has no meaning until it becomes information, and that’s where Data processing comes into picture.

  1. We convert your unstructured data or multiple formats to a standard format accurately by using SQL/VBA/Advance MS Access/Excel features.
  2. We process and simplify your complex structured/semi- structured/un-structured data by Data Scrubbing, Integration, Formatting, Validation, Classification, Data/Web Scrapping, and other